Learn countries and capitals of the world

01 January, 2020

 Nick C  10 minute read


There are many reasons why you should learn what are the countries, capitals and cities around the world.
First, this offers you a better knowledge of geography, you can easily figure out what country is located on the map and what is the capital for that specific country. Is a very fun process that makes you feel that you achieved something that not everyone is capable of. This also brings more motivation to you for visiting that country or any city that you feel like, you could be amazed of how easy is to find a new place that you always dreamed of seeing. And second, this increases your knowledge about our planet, you start to memorise not only countries faster but what are some of the best places to visit. Imagine that you want to travel with your friends or family and how good the time will be spend when you are the person that knows the most about that country, what are the best locations and touristic places to visit.

Start with countries for a continent

You might be scared when you see a long list of countries and capitals of the world and even more if you need to remember all of them But the good part is that this process is not as hard as it seems to be. You can start from a small group of countries, let's say from South America. There are only 14 countries in total and those are not too hard to memorise. Then you move to another continent, which for example could be north America, there are 23 countries and very likely you did hear about them from TV or radio. When starting with a countries for a continent don't think too much about the position or size of that country, this will be making the process of learning less efficient and it will take more time.
Using this technique you can learn all countries and capitals of the world in a very effective way.


Use tests and quizzes to train

This is the best option for you to learn cities and capitals. Here at Querial you can easily practice cities and capitals quizzes. You will find this process very simple and fun. At Querial you can see the result of the quiz and analyse how well you progress. You have an unlimited number of tries which means that you can train for as much as you want. At Querial you will find the process of learning anything very fun and entertaining, the tests and quizzes we offer are generated every time you reload the page and even more, the answers are shuffled so that it is more challenging.
If you feel like you want to expand your Geography skills you can see all of possible quizzes we have here. Each quiz has a rating so it is easier for you to choose the one that fits you the best.
Using this technique you can learn all countries and capitals of the world in a very fast and effective way.


Associate the country-capital as a group.

It is much easier for you to remember the country-capital names instead of separating them. For example the capital of Hungary is Budapest, now try to think if this as a group and repeat in your mind both the country and capital. This technique, where you associate 2 words together is very efficient, even after many years you will still be able to tell what is the capital of Hungary, because your brain did associate these 2 words. Also, it is important to mention that there are many countries where the name of capital is same as country name, for example Luxembourg. When using the association technique you will never forget the capitals, even if you ever need to do it vice versa, to tell what country has the capital of a city.
Using this technique you can learn all countries and capitals of the world in a very effective way.


Learning countries and their capital is a fun process, only if the right strategy is applied. The fastest and most efficient way is using tests and quizzes. Reading from long list is boring and not effective. Watching videos makes it more complicated and not well organised. But no matter of the methods applied, learning geography has always been incredibly beneficial: starting from spacial skills that you gain and ending up with higher memory performance. Geography can definitely be fun to learn, so start now and explore our geography lessons on Querial.


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