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Querial is an online platform made for everyone that wants to improve their's knowledge. We’re committed to building the best learning experience inside and out, making Querial the best place for self development and improvement. Currently, online learning is really boring, even in a field that we prefer. A lot of information can be read, but also a lot can be lost in a few days if not minutes. Most of the information is not interactive and does not show a progress of your knowledge, which eventually is hard to keep track of. Out platform simplifies the process of learning and tracking your knowledge, you can learn any chosen disciplines, track your progress and improve your skills.

Our Misson

We’re not one of those companies. We are rethinking education from the bottom up. The web has rethought nearly everything - commerce, social networking, healthcare, and more. We are building the education the world needs - the first truly net native education. We take more cues from modern tech innovators in creating an engaging educational experience than we do from the classroom. Education is broken. Come help us bringing the knowledge of the future.

Company Values

We want to build a long-lasting, sustainable, and purposeful business with engaged team members and delighted customers. From day one, Querial embraced a remote and flexible working environment. We work a 40-hour week but are empowered to plan our time and productivity as we wish. We have budgets to set up our home office, personal development and wellness allowances, and a ‘work together’ budget to visit other Querial, wherever they may be—among other perks. We don't see each other in person often, but our work is always guided by respect, transparency, and collaboration. Our success is measured by the value we create for our users and customers, and all 100+ of us aim to follow out core values.
At Querial, we care about how the work we do can impact the world around us. And given our unique expertise, we believe we’re in a position where we can make a tangible difference. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to undertake education process in order to deliver positive social and environmental impact.


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Do you want to learn?

It’s vital to mention that Querial offers free science learning games and quizzes. All you need to do is sign up to our platform with your Google, or Facebook account and you’re good to go. From this moment you will be able to try out all the available tests and work on improving your abilities Logic games will strengthen your thinking skills, and if you want to work on your problem-solving abilities, then choose one of the mathematics quizzes. It’s important to remember that each quiz and game has a rating, which allows you to see the level of its difficulty.